Plus Size Thigh Highs and Stockings

Plus Size Thigh Highs and Stockings

This is probably my favorite lingerie item to discuss. There is nothing sexier than a women in thigh highs or stockings. So for the life of me I do not understand why more hosiery companies do not make plus size stockings and thigh highs. Sure there are “queen size” stockings and thigh highs, but lets face it they don’t really fit. Below is what some stores feel are a proper fit.

These are not the proper way to wear them. They are just above the knee on the lower portion of the thighs. They should be called “knee highs.”
Its my opinion that stockings and thigh highs should reach to the upper portion of the thighs as shown below.

Unless you are getting 100% nylon, which will not stretch, the stocking and thigh highs are whats called “volumetric” meaning that they will stretch. The problem is the shape of the leg. If you have large calves and thicker thighs the hosiery will stretch but you may lose the length needed to reach your upper thighs.
Because all plus size woman are not shaped the same or even the same height. Someone that is 5’11” that wears a size 16-18 is different from someone that is 5’4″ and wears a 16-18.
So with Levee out of business (poor management) who will realize that there is a real need for true sizing of stockings and thigh highs?

At Sassy Curves we are partial to the brand called Nylonica. They are true plus size stockings and thigh highs.

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How To Put On (and Break In!) Your Corset

How to Put On (and Break In!) Your Corset

A corset’s prime feature is its waist cinching capability. Unlike girdles or waist cinchers or corselettes, a real corset will take your waist in by at least 2-4 inches. Curvy women may find that a corset can take their waist in six inches or more. In other words, a woman with a 40″ waist could go down to a 36″ waist with good corsetiere and proper waist training.

But before you start dreaming of itty bitty wasp waists, I have to stress the importance of breaking in your corset. I can’t tell you how much it distresses me to see someone abuse a corset. I just don’t understand why you spend a couple hundred dollars, if not more, on a garment and then not take care of it. So, before one of you makes me cry with a tale of a broken busk, let me share with you the best way to break in a corset.

Actually, before I start that, I should say that you want to have a empty stomach and an empty bladder before you put on a corset. Eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom are very…adventurous enterprises when you’re all cinched up.

So…the first thing you want to do when you get your corset is loosen it all the way. If you’ve ordered a corset that’s 4″ smaller than your waist, you will not be able to get it on if it’s laced up tightly. If your corset has a front closure, like a busk, you also want to undo that. Make sure your corset is right side up (sometimes indicated by the presence of garter loops; if uncertain, e-mail the manufacturer), then bring it around your body, making sure the modesty panel is flat if you have one.

Hooking the eyes is where I have the most trouble, and I find that starting from the middle works best. If you start from the ends, the single hooked closure you manage to fasten acts like a hinge, keeping all the other closures well out reach. Exhale, sucking in your tummy, and fasten the rest.

At this point, it’s helpful if you have someone there with you, but if not, no worries. Reaching behind, grab the lacing loops (sometimes called rabbit ears), and pull them away from your body. Now, since you’re breaking the corset in, you don’t want to pull too tightly. Now is not the time to see how small you make your waist. Pull until you have a little bit of cinch and a little bit of tension, then stop, tie your laces and go do something else. I’ve embedded a video from What Katie Did if you’re a visual learner.

If you feel like it, you can tighten again later, but it’s very important not to rush things. Being overeager can result in broken busks, warped ribs, snapped laces, torn grommets, and any number of expensive, hard-to-repair nasties. Never tighten until it’s painful or you’re having a trouble breathing.

I didn’t mention this before, but you may want to have a undershirt or tube top on under the corset. That way, your body oils won’t stain the corset.

When taking the corset off, do not, I repeat–Do Not–unfasten the busk first. You have to loosen the laces and then, when your corset is loose enough to wiggle around a bit, then unhook the busk. Unhooking the busk first could break your corset, and we don’t want that happening.

After you’re done wearing your corset, hang it up to air out (with the laces over the hanger). You can leave it there until your next wear or fold it up for later. Never wash a corset (other than perhaps a damp cloth on the outside). For more cleaning instructions, you want to contact the manufacturer.

This is a repost of a blog I follow from Treacle the founder of The Lingerie Addict blog

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